Bridge Washed Away; Villagers Stranded


A bridge constructed on river Motonga in Tamulpur sub-division has been partially washed away by the flood waters of the river.

It was constructed and opened for public in 2010-11 and connects several villages under the sub-divison and is located between West and East Ghogapar.

Apart from East & West Ghogapar, villagers from several other villages like Kalakuchi, Chokamari, Borkhopa etc. now are stranded due to the washing away of the bridge.

Locals have alleged that proper engineering and construction technique were not followed while constructing the bridge.

“Had it been constructed adhering to the proper engineering and construction technique, then it would have not washed away. A bridge over a river should be able to face the rising water, but this one here has failed to. Due to this, we now are stranded and will have a lot of problems in communicating with the outside world,” the locals said.

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