Burha inquiry; Police at fault but not stripped, tortured

The Burha Police station excess inquiry had found that police wrongly arrested women at midnight, beaten up in the police station but they were not stripped and made to record a statement at Gunpoint or brutally tortured.

According to the 250-page enquiry report prepared by DIG (CWR) Brajenjit Singh, the report of miscarriage due to the police assault was concocted and false.

The report did find the police team at fault for apprehending the accused women between midnight and sunrise, which is not permissible.

The report also found that the accused were beaten up by the police inside the police outpost but did not qualify that as ‘extreme torture’.

“There were multiple allegations made by the women against the Darrang Police and most of them were not based on facts. But yes, the women were picked up from Guwahati in connection with the abduction case and brought to the police outpost before sunrise, which is not permissible,” sources at the Assam Police headquarters divulged quoting the report that was submitted on Wednesday.

The incident dates back to last month when three sisters of a family alleged that after being taken to the police station, they were stripped and tortured by the police. The trio went on to file a case with the Darrang police on September 10 against the alleged police brutality.

The inspector-in-charge of the Burha police outpost, Mahendra Sarma, who led the police team along with a lady constable Binita Boro were placed under suspension on September 17 and a criminal case registered against them.

The women were picked up for harbouring their brother Ruful Ali who had allegedly abducted a girl, although a section of people claimed that it was a case of elopement and not abduction. The FIR was lodged by the elder brother of the girl.

Subsequently, unable to locate Ruful Ali, a police team led by the inspector-in-charge of the Burha police outpost visited Guwahati and picked up Minowara Begum, Sanuwera Begum and Rumele Begum – the three sisters of Ruful – from different locations of the city.

Sources at the Assam Police headquarters told this reporter that medical reports issued by a team of doctors have also been annexed with the enquiry report submitted for the perusal of Director General of Assam Police.

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