Burmese Supari Smuggling on the rise


The syndicate of Burmese supari is increasing at an alarming rate. The Guwahati police on Thursday seized around 30 trucks full of supari in Jalukbari area.

Meanwhile, the drivers of the trucks alleged that there was high-profile lobby involved in the supari-syndicate in the State. They further said that several policemen were also involved in the syndicate.

“We have to pay a huge amount of money to police, while crossing the through Baihata Chariali region,” said a driver of a seized truck. The drivers further alleged that some people including policemen, who come in a Bolero car, demand around Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000 from each truck.

Earlier, the Sadin-Pratidin group has published a series of news regarding supari syndicate in Baihata Chariali region. The news had revealed several secret information regarding the huge and uncontrolled supari syndicate in the region.

Instead of taking action against the supari syndicate racket, the Kamrup SP Parthasarathi Mahanta had attempted to threaten the Sadin-Pratidin group by slapping a defamation case amounting Rs. 200 crore for publishing and broadcasting the series of news.

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