Burqa banned in Kerala colleges


Amid a raging debate on whether burqa, won by Mulsim women to cover their face, should be banned in public places, a Kerala educational group has banned face veil or Burqas from all schools and colleges.

Circular issued by Muslim Educational Society (MES) mentions that any dress which covers an individual’s face will not be permitted. The circular was passed by the Muslim Education Society in Calicut on April 17. Several organizations in Kerala have condemned the move saying that it goes against religious tenets and sentiments of the community.

The debate on burqa was ignited in India after Sri Lanka banned all type of ‘face coverings’ following a series of suicide attacks in which over 250 people were killed.

Yesterday, Shiv Sena triggered a massive row in a controversial editorial of its mouthpiece Saamna where it demanded a burqa ban in public places and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to follow Sri Lanka’s suit, which banned face veils after deadly bomb blasts ripped through the country on Easter Sunday.

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