CAA: Anurag Kashyap’s Twitter followers drop to 76k

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has tweeted about a drastic drop in his followers on Twitter, post his views on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). His tweet mentions that the followers have dropped to 76.3K from around 5 lakh.

A number of users have tweeted that they suddenly noticed that they weren’t following Anurag anymore. This also includes actor Chandan Roy Sanyal who tweeted the same. Journalists Harneet Singh also tweeted that Twitter has unfollowed Anurag for her.


At the time of filing this story there had been no response from Twitter to Anurag about the same. Anurag had been off Twitter for a while but returned after the acts of violence towards the students of Jamia Millia University during their protests. Calling the government ‘fascist’, the filmmaker said that he cannot stay silent any longer. Also in a veiled reference to Bollywood, Anurag added that it makes his angry to “see voices that can actually make a difference stay quiet.”

Kashyap has been vociferously tweeting against the CAA, and also the attempts to suppress the protests happening across the nation.

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