CAA: Home Ministry’s IT cell to monitor social media


After restoration of mobile internet data services after nine days of suspension due to the widespread anti-CAA protests, now the government has set up a cyber monitoring cell to keep an eye on social media.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has authorised a private agency to monitor the social media platforms. With this mandate, agencies will perform interception, monitoring and decryption of any information generated, transmitted through social media.

This tie-up will keep rumours at bay and avert setting off a chain reaction with possible violent outcomes like riots, lynching etc and rein in social media users who could mislead the people.

According to highly placed sources, the cyber cell has created a database of commonly used Assamese words (eg. Jati, Mati, Bheti). As of now, the database of this ‘Unicode library’ contains 1 lakh words of Assamese language. A group of social media experts, software engineer are responsible for adding words at the database.

With the help of ‘Unicode database system’ the cyber cell will receive a notification when you’re supposed to create a post using the library words. If your post goes against community guidelines; you can be sued for something you post on the virtual platform.

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