CAB: Cotton’s ‘Ranahungkar’ protest today


The ‘Ranahungkar’ programme, organised by the students of Cotton University in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), is scheduled to take at around 12 pm on Friday.

Various sections of people including Assam heartthrob Zubeen Garg and the students of JNU, Delhi University and other prestigious universities have extended their support to the protest rally organised by the students of Cotton University.

Zubeen Garg in a video message extended his support to the programme. He further urged all sections of people, especially the student community to take part in the protest rally.

Recently, the students of Cotton University also staged a protest march in the city demanding the withdrawal of the bill from Parliament. They said that the bill would harm the Assamese community in the future.

The CAB seeks to amend a 1955 law to grant citizenship to persecuted Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan if they have lived in India for six years; and students of Cotton University along with other organisations have been continuously opposing the bill.

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