CAB has returned back to centre stage


The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) has returned to centre stage of politics of the North East but the BJP is confident that it will not hurt where it should hurt most.

Although the anti CAB forces like AASU, KMSS and regional forces except AGP are raising their heads, the  BJP in Assam is supremely confident that the CAB has no takers in the grassroots level.

The  BJP has realized that the CAB will have more effect in Mizoram but that will only consolidate MNF  position, which is again a part of the North Eastern Democratic Alliance(NEDA).

“We have covered it from both the flanks. The CAB cannot make any damage in  Assam. The Brahmaputra valley is full with us and anybody keeping ground information of Assam politics will vouch for the BJP in the Lok  Sabha election” said BJP state President Ranjeet Das.

Meanwhile, Congress is looking at a last minute opportunity to take the battle home riding the CAB. ” We have defeated once and we will defeat it again” retorted Congress state chief Ripun Bora.

Meanwhile, both the AASU and KMSs issued lengthy statements to opposing BJP for bringing CAB back in the manifesto,. The KMSS was direct but AASU played with the word while decrying the BJP but maintained their apolitical stance.

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