CAB: RS Gears Up for 6-Hr Discussion Tomorrow


Rajya Sabha members will discuss a controversial bill granting citizenship to non-Muslim refugees fleeing religious perscution in three countries — Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh on Wednesday afternoon.

Six hours have been allotted for the discussion, which expected to begin at 2 pm.

The legislation, known as the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019, sailed through the Lok Sabha, where the government and its allies have a commanding majority.

That is not the case in the Rajya Sabha, but the Modi administration is expected to receive support from enough neutral parties to see the bill through.

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is hugely controversial; its critics say it is unconstitutional, and protests have been held in several parts of India against it.

A bandh called by a body of student organizations is currently underway in several states in the Northeast.

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