Cachar Paper Mill Employees’ Children Begs on New Year


At the time when the people are celebrating New Year, the children of Cachar paper mill employees are begging in the streets so that they could gather money for the education expense.

The children who came out in the streets for begging are the students of Panchgram Kendriya Vidyalaya and other schools and as their parents have lost their job due to the closure of the paper mill, they are compelled to come to the streets to beg money so that they could clear their due fees of school.

Both the Nagaon paper mill and Cachar paper mill under Hindustan Paper Corporation have been shut down by the government for which thousands of employees go jobless and have also not received their due salaries for which it becomes difficult for them to run their families.

The children of the employees have collected money from the shops and commuters. Local MLA Nizamuddin Choudhury has also donated Rs. 2000 to the children and assured the children that in the next assembly session he will demand the government to clear the salaries of the employees.

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