CAG detects huge anomalies in NRC


The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India has detected irregularities worth Rs 100 crore during National Register of Citizens exercise in Assam.

As per the CAG report, an undue mobilisation advance of Rs 52 crore was given to the System Integrator (SI), which led to the loss of interest of Rs 9 crore. The SI, as per the agreement, was to set up the NRC Seva Kendras (NSKs) by 1 February, 2015, however, the SI failed to commission the NSKs within the stipulated time, but no penalty was imposed on the SI, which resulted in a loss of Rs 2.91 crore to the government.

The CAG report also pointed to “avoidable expenditure on not viable software solution to the extent of Rs 1.27 crore”. The SI submitted bills to procure “Oracle standard one edition” and “Oracle Server Enterprise Edition” for which Rs 1.27 crore was paid. However, the “system was not found in the IT system”, as per the report.

The CAG report also mentioned that “lack of sound financial management resulted in excess expenditure of Rs 19.43 crore”.

As per the CAG report, the NRC state coordinator procured original HP Toner Cartridges of two types amounting to Rs 34.34 crore for HP printers. However, the rate of procurement was much higher to the ‘ProDot’ toner cartridges being used in the SCNR (State Coordinator, NRC) office for the same HP printers, the report stated.

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