Camera drone finds Missing ‘Laden’


Camera drones aren’t just creative tools in a photographer’s kitbag – it turns out that they can also be used to find missing one. Laden – the lonely elephant, who had been missing for more than two days, was finally traced to Satabari reserve forest under Ronjuli range.

The elephant has been named ‘Laden’ by the locals, for it has allegedly been wreaking havoc in the area for the last five years. It has been learned that in the last five years, the elephant has allegedly killed 55 people.

‘Laden’ was thrown out of his herd around two years ago, after a likely quarrel with its most dominant male member.

The locals have alleged that the forest department has done nothing so far to chase the elephant into the jungle. Protesting against the forest department, locals also blocked the road. Protesters also staged a demonstration outside Matia Police Station.

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