Cashback incentives for Google Pay users


Google Pay in India plans to offer cashback incentives by tying it with Android apps. The project is codenamed as “Project Cruiser”.

“Google Pay will be used for transactions between businesses and users, thereby expanding the reach of Google’s payment service. Executives from the company have reached out to several businesses in India in recent months to coax them into coming on board,” as reported by TechCrunch on Friday.

The search engine plans to encourage people to update their Android Apps or refer them to a friend for both to win up a specific amount on Google Pay. Google has told the developers that all the rewards on the app will be bandied through Google Pay itself as per reports.

A Google spokesperson says, “We’re always looking at ways to serve the next billion users better, but we have nothing to share at this point.”

The platform, if incorporated by developers into their apps, will allow app developers to incentivize users to perform certain actions in their app in a “scalable” fashion.

Google Pay which was launched in India on September 18, 2017 has over 25 million active users. It has revenue of $1.4 billion from India in 2018, making the country a big market for the company.

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