Cattle Laden Truck Seized in Khatowal


The cattle syndicate in the state is still continued and in a recent case, Khatowal police have seized one truck full of cattle from Khatowal in Nagaon.

Police informed that 22 cows have been carried in the truck bearing number AS-02AC-6222. Police also apprehended two persons identified as Sariful Islam and Deepak Nahok.

It may be mentioned that the cow smuggling is rising unabated in the state but still the police are numb. In most cases, the police apprehend the person in connection to cow smuggling and after they seized the cows they take money from the smugglers and release them after taking money for which the cases are increasing.

In most cases, it happened that the locals seized the trucks along with the cows and handed over to the police but they don’t take any action against them and therefore, the smugglers get the opportunity to smuggle the cows in the neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan etc.  

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