Cattle Laden Vehicles Seized in Morigaon


The cattle syndicate in the state is still continued unabated and in a recent case, three vehicles laden with cows have been seized at Morigaon on Monday morning.

The Morigaon police have seized 80 numbers of cows in three vehicles in an operation launched against cow syndicate.

Police seized the cows while it was being carried to Jorabat from Morigaon in the vehicles bearing registration number- AS01-KC-8788, AS01-LC-1816, and AS01-LC-3346 respectively.

It may be mentioned that the cow syndicate is rising in the state in front of the police still the government is silent on the issue.

The question arises as to where are these cows being taken and after being seized what does the police do with these cows. Is it not the responsibility of the government to monitor the issue and take measures against the cow syndicate in the state? Why the government is silent on the issue is the question that has been raised by the people.

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