Cattle Seized in 9th Mile & Bilasipara

The cattle syndicate in the state is continuing unabated in the state and in recent cases, a DI vehicle carrying 10 number of cows have been seized by Basistha police and in another case in Bilasipara, six persons have been apprehended while they were carrying 36 cows.

The Basistha police have seized the DI vehicle in ninth mile coming from Kharupetia and arrested Nripen Saharia and Mainul Haque.

Police said that the cow has been brought for sale in ninth mile without having any valid documents.

On the other hand, cow syndicate is still continued in Bilasipara in Dhubri and the cows are smuggled to Bangladesh through roadways and waterways.

Allegations are being made that the Bilasipara police are involved in the syndicate and the cows are smuggled to Bangladesh with the help of the police. But the Bilasipara police have launched an operation in the area against cow smuggling and apprehended six cow smugglers and seized 36 numbers of cows.  

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