Cattle Smuggling- a Flourishing Business in Assam


The cattle smuggling in the state is rising unabated and although the cattle are being seized on a daily basis still the rising trend of smuggling has not reduced.

On Thursday night, Dhubri and Paglahat police again seized 15 numbers of cows from the Tamarhat area in Pratapganj.

Now the question arises as to where these cows are being kept and in what condition.

It may also be mentioned that earlier this month hundreds of cows have died which were being kept in the cowshed after being seized because of unhygienic environment and lack of food.

The illegal supply of cattle to Bangladesh presently is a flourishing business, which yields several crores of rupees per day.

Cattle smuggling has been going unchecked in the state since very long. It is alleged that the business mushroomed under the previous Congress government in the state and it was expected that there would be a check into it once the BJP comes to power. However, what has been witnessed is just the opposite. The business today is flourishing at twice the rate compared to the previous government.

Although the kingpin of cattle smuggling has been arrested two-three months back still the business is flourishing in the state instead of reducing. Police are also silent on the issue and although they seize the cattle from different areas, they let them go after they receive money from the smugglers. This is the reason for which the smuggling business of cattle is increasing day by day.

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