CBSE lays new passing criteria for class X


CBSE has decided on a new passing criteria for the Class 10 examination in 2019 according to which a candidate will have to secure overall 33% (internal assessment and Board examination combined) in the subjects to be eligible to pass that subject.

Candidates who had appeared in the CBSE Class 10 exam last year were exempted from separate pass criteria in internal assessment and Board examinations.

In last Board exams, the result was computed in each subject taking into account combined marks obtained in internal assessment and Board exam and those who secured 33% marks was declared pass in that subject.

“In case of a candidate being absent in Practical/Internal assessment, the marks were treated as 0(zero) and result was computed accordingly. It has now been decided to extend the same passing criteria henceforth for the students of Secondary classes i.e. candidates appearing for Class X examination in 2019 onwards will have to secure overall 33% (both taken together) in the subjects to be eligible to pass that subject,” said a circular from CBSE.

Earlier, in case of a subject involving practical work a candidate must obtain 33% marks in theory and 33% marks in practical separately in addition to 33% marks in aggregate in order to qualify in that subject.

According to a statement from the Board, CBSE will conduct the Board examination for both Classes 10 and 12 ‘slightly’ earlier than last annual exams.

The Board has decided to conduct all Skill Education (Vocational) subjects in the later half of February along with few other academic subjects which are being opted by small number of students.

However, the Core papers will be held in March.

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