Celebrate Independence Day with Pratidin Time’s World Television Premiere of ‘Raktabeez’


Pratidin Time brings to you the World Television Premiere of super hit Assamese movie ‘RAKTABEEZ’ this Independence Day at 12.30 PM.

Rupkonwar Jyoti Prasad Agarwalla made the first Assamese film ‘Joymoti’ in 1935 which set open a new beginning in the field of art and entertainment for the people of Assam. Post Joymoti, Assamese film industry has gone through a major renovation. Assam has been getting many laudable Assamese since the first film but the industry has also been subjected to turbulent times too since 1935.

However, times have changed now as good Assamese movies with quality content have been winning all the applause from the Asomiya people.

RAKTABEEZ is one such movie offered by the Assamese film industry, which has managed to touch their audiences. In spite of standing in 21st century, our industry has not been able to compete in the market, significantly overshadowed by the larger industries such as Bollywood.

But comparatively, the movie has managed to capture a large numbers of audiences. The theme of the film is quite praiseworthy. WHO IS A REAL ASSAMESE?

With a different presentation in the film, director Biswajeet Borah tries to present the current situation of Assam. RAKTABEEZ’s Director Biswajeet Borah is well known for AISA YE JAHAN and BAHNIMAN.

The movie was made as per Bollywood standard. This movie was popular amongst the youth and thriller lovers. This movie was produced by Ravindra Rajawat. The script of RAKTABEEZ was written for a Punjabi Movie initially but the movie was then crafted into an Assamese movie.

As per media reports, Producer of the film Ravindra Rajawat was happy with this movie and would also like to produce more into Assamese film Industry. It’s a good symptom for Assamese film industry. This was followed by a lot of action packed suspense thriller films, romantic films are on the way. The movie has a galaxy of renowned stars from the Assamese film industry, namely Ravi Jhangu , Barasha Rani Bishaya, Baharul Islam, Mahadev Deka and others.

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