Centre Has Not Decided on NRL Privatization: Assam BJP


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Assam Pradesh on Tuesday said that the Centre has not yet decided on the privatization of Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL).

Addressing a press conference at BJP headquarter in Hengrabari, Party Spokesperson Rupam Goswami said that Union Minister of Petroleum, Dharmendra Pradhan has clarified that the Centre has not yet decided on NRL privatization.

The Centre has approved Rs. 22000 crore for NRL and that the Centre won’t do anything against the sentiment of the people of the state, said Goswami.

He further stated that there has been an emotion of people attached to the NRL and therefore, the Centre has not yet decided regarding the privatization of BPCL or NRL.

Reacting on Congress’s opposing the issue of privatization, Goswami said right now they don’t have any issue and therefore, they are protesting without any reason. Congress should organize their home first rather than to protest against such baseless issues.

However, the Spokesperson has not commented on anything regarding Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) while asked by media.

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