Stolen idol of Ugratara temple recovered

In a miraculous development, barely 24 hours before the new Ugratara deity to be installed after months of failed search for the stolen one, Golaghat Police has claimed to have recovered the centuries-old deity of Ugratara temple and also detained four thieves from Nalbari in connection with the case.

However the formal identification process is yet not complete and technically the police and management committee of the Ugratraa temple are both not forthcoming about the recovery.

The news thrilled the followers of Mandir as the management committee after months of discussion and deliberations decided to order a fresh one and renown sculptor Robin Bor was entrusted the job and only tomorrow it is to be installed with a mega Ugratara Mahotsav.

“This is the blessings of Ma. I can not describe how happy we are if it turns out to be true. The priests and other members of the management committee have left for identification of the deities. We are keeping our finger crossed.” said Kalisah Sharma one of the members of the Ugratara Temple management committee. This has been considered a huge success of the Assam Police.

The centuries-old deity was stolen from the temple on the night of November 15.

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