Cess relief for Assam tea farmers

The Assam government on Wednesday decided to cut the levied cess on tea farming, thus bringing a lot of relief for tea farmers and producers in the state.

The government has slashed the 10 paise cess per one kg of raw tea leaves that was previously levied in Assam. The decision was taken in the Assam Legislative Assembly today.

Following this, tea farmers won’t have to pay any cess from now on raw tea leaf farming.

A number of decisions were also taken on the Goods and Services Taxes (GST) traders and businesses in Assam. The previous slab of Rs 10 lakh annually, which made it mandatory for a business to pay GST within the mentioned investment amount, have now been revised to Rs 20 lakh annually.

Also, businesses with investments below Rs 1.5 crore annually will now have to shell out only 1% GST.

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