Chained to hospital bed, Assam ignores worst human right violations


The photo of Ratan Chandra Biswas, chained with the hospital bed of Goalpara Civil Hospital has shaken the twitterati across the world, once again reasserting that in the name of foreigner’s detection, in Assam, the biggest human right violations of modern India have been systematically ignored.

Ratan Chandra Biswas was declared foreigner ex-parte, i.e he was declared foreigner by the Tribunal without hearing his side.

According to lawyer Amman Wadud, the real reason was that Ratan never had an idea that he was served with a notice of foreigner by the court as he was Indian and all his family members are continue to be Indians.

He has been in the detention centre for last two years, unable to fight his case as he does not have money and all his worldly possession, a cow, was already sold to pay the lawyers. What is most shocking that he was chained even in the hospital, as he was admitted to Goalpara Civil Hospital, suspecting TB.

There are hundreds of them inside and outside of the detention centers as a full scale industry of border police, touts and lawyers have run riot in the middle and lower Assam turning ordinary Indian citizens as foreigners to make some money and also push up the figures of the Foreigner’s Tribunal.

“The real reason is not to drive out Bangladeshi but to make money and in many cases the Judges of the tribunals have also played hand in glove as it was exposed in the Morigaon Tribunal Judge’s report” said Mr. Wadud.

As Assam media have largely ignored these heart wrenching stories, the social media have become the only ray of hope, with occasional stories but real pictures have not yet surfaced.

But this has continued to be one of the biggest human right tragedies of independent India when thousands of people lives have been played around by “this industry” in the name of foreigners detection” said Mr. Wadud.

As the infiltration issue is extremely emotional and complex situation, the plight of this thousand of people who were either served notices or already declared foreigner by “this industry” have always been either forgotten or below the radar of Assam media.


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