Chaos in Assam’s NRC seva kendras


Total chaos has prevailed in most of the NRC seva kendras as authorities have not been able to cope up with the pressure. In some Seva Kendras the authorities have not been able to provide the stationary for claims and corrections while in some places people have continued to throng NSK for checking their names.

More than 40 lakh names have been omitted from the final draft list and beside that another 50 lakhs name corrections have been expected. Altogether one third of the entire population of the state is expected to go through the NRC seva Kendras in the next few days.

Meanwhile NRC Coordinator Prateek Hajela yesterday had a meeting with all the stake holders as they are preparing the Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) to submit before the Apex Court on August 16.

Only after the submission of the SOP, the court will decide how the names of the 40 lakhs omitted shall be treated.

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