Check ASSAM’s medical preparedness for COVID-19


Despite being the country’s 15th most populous state, with more than 3.09 crore people, the region has reported 26 Covid-19 positive cases, giving rise to questions about why the virus has not spread as rapidly as elsewhere.

The COVID-19 infection rate in the state remains low relative to population size. Assam – 16th largest, 15th most populous and 26th most literate state of the 29 states of the democratic Republic of India. Assam is at 14th position in life expectancy and 8th in female-to-male sex ratio.

For some, the answer is the fast action that the Assam government took as the virus spread from China to many parts of the world. And if the relatively low number of cases continues, it could make the nation a blueprint for others seeking to limit the impact.

Here’s what to know about how prepared Assam is for a major COVID-19 outbreak.

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