Chennai Doctors Buying Water for Surgeries


After the recent water crisis in Chennai, the doctors are now praying for rains as they are buying water from water trucks to conduct surgeries in the hospital.

Chairman of Sudar Hospitals in Chennai, T.N. Ravishankar said that treating patients will depend on the mercy of God if water supplies in India’s fourth-largest metropolis aren’t replenished shortly. He said that piped water at his hospitals has already dried up and even the more expensive water trucks on which they are dependent might be unavailable soon in Tamil Nadu.

Ravishankar further stated that the cost escalation will have to be passed on to patients who will have to spend more as there is no other option left.

Almost all the hospitals in Chennai are now completely dependent on the more than 5,000 privately owned tankers that ferry water around the city every day. According to the Private Water Tanker Lorry Owners’ Association, if the situation of water crisis continues after a month then it will not be possible for them to supply water even to the one who would pay highest amount of money.

The price of a 12,000-liter water truck soared from Rs. 1200 in April to Rs. 6000 since the shortages of water began. According to reports, the water shortages risk further hurting the already struggling state-run health system. India spends only around 1% of GDP on healthcare and aims to increase to 2.5% by 2025. When compared, nations whose entire populations have access to health services spend as much as 6% of GDP on insurance and healthcare according to WHO.

However, Indian Meteorological Department said that rainfall in Southern India this week was 30% below normal levels.

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