China blocks HBO site following Xi Jinping segment by John Oliver on his talk show


Chinese authorities have blocked the HBO website for its mainland users after American comedian John Oliver poked fun at the expense of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The comedian poked fun at the Chinese president in his HBO talk show ‘Last Week Tonight’ in a 20-minute segment which aired on June 17 in the US.

The segment gave a detailed report of China’s alleged human right violations and the country’s suppression of free speech. The comedian went on to address China censoring the online comparison of the president with the cartoon character Winnie the Pooh by the internet users of the nation.

Reportedly, the HBO website has been inaccessible for mainland internet users in China since June 23. Moreover, the Chinese censors are trying to erase all signs of John Oliver on the Chinese internet.

The blocked website took away the chance for the Chinese people to see the segment by Oliver. Despite the censors, other HBO shows like Game of Thrones can still be viewed in the country.

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