China Builds Concrete Camps Nearby North Sikkim & Eastern Ladakh

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While India and China are in an ongoing standoff since last year, the Chinese Army is setting up permanent structures along the Line of Actual Control in north Sikkim and Eastern Ladakh.

According to an ANI report, such a camp has been set up in the Chinese territory opposite to the Sikkim’s Naku La.

“The Chinese are building permanent concrete structures which will allow them to deploy troops near the frontline areas. The road infrastructure is also very good which will allow them to reach the border areas with India much more swiftly than before,” the sources said to ANI.

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“The building of these warm modern buildings have also been observed near the areas in eastern Ladakh as well as the Arunachal sector,” the sources were quoted as saying in the ANI report.

“The buildings are also going to help the Chinese Army address the issue of its soldiers feeling uncomfortable during winters in forward areas,” the sources said.

The Chinese troops were highly uncomfortable during their forward deployment with eastern Ladakh in extreme winters forcing them to rotate 90 per cent of their manpower from there.

The building of permanent structures in the border areas also shows the Chinese intent of staying in forward locations for a long time.

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