China Claims COVID Found On Fish Exports From India


Amid the continuous efforts put by nations globally to combat coronavirus, Chinese officials have claimed that the traces of the virus were apparently found on cold-chain imports from 20 countries including India, reported news agency PTI.

Shockingly, this is the second-time Chinese officials have asserted that COVID-19 is found on Indian fish exports.

“Cold-chain imports from India, Russia and Argentina test positive for COVID-19 in one day in China”, state-run Global Times reported on Wednesday.

Two Indian frozen butterfish packages, one Russian frozen salmon packaging sample and two Argentina frozen beef samples tested positive for COVID-19, the report said.

On November 13, China’s General Administration of Customs suspended imports of seafood products from an Indian company for one week starting from Friday after COVID-19 was found on the outer packaging of some samples of frozen cuttlefish, the PTI report added.

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