China Releases 10 Indian Soldiers After Talks


China released 10 Indian soldiers who were detained during the violent brawl of June 15 in Galwan Valley. The soldiers have been released after intense negotiations through diplomatic and military channels, including three rounds of talks between senior military officers.

Officials, while speaking on condition of anonymity said that the 10 soldiers, including at least two officers were returned to the Indian side on Thursday evening.

Officials said that these negotiations were kept tightly under wraps due to concerns for the safety of the soldiers amid the heightened tensions between the two sides.

The release of the 10 soldiers figured in three rounds of talks between Indian and Chinese delegations, led by major generals, near Patrol Point 14 in Galway Valley between Tuesday and Thursday. Maj Gen Abhijit Bapat, commander of Karu-based headquarters 3 Infantry Division, and his Chinese counterpart met for the third time on Thursday.

The meetings were part of ongoing military engagements to de-escalate the situation and to disengage on the disputed border. The two senior military officers have met seven times since the stand-off began in early May.

The people further said the 10 soldiers, after their release, were sent for a medical examination and were “debriefed” by officials.

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