Chinese Products Flooded in City Market Ahead of Diwali


The markets of Guwahati are filled with Chinese lights and goods ahead of Diwali, the festival of lights. The traders have bought Chinese lights although the administration strictly prohibited the selling of Chinese goods in the market.

The Chinese goods are being sold in the market in front of the administration but still, no action has been taken against it.

Smuggled electronic items and other consumer goods made in China are flooding the northeastern market and Guwahati being the business hub is witnessing the most penetration of Chinese goods. Most of these items are cheap and look similar to some leading branded items. But when it comes to quality, these Chinese items score low. Since the target customer of such goods is mostly the middle class and the lower middle class of the society hence the quality quotient is ignored by the masses. These products are very popular with people who wish to buy fake versions of their favorite brands at negligible prices.

It goes without saying that Diwali is synonymous with crackers, and with the festival just around the corner the city gradually witnesses massive rush at stalls in the city for buying crackers. Notwithstanding the weather and price rise, the city wears a festive look from weeks before the eve of Diwali with shops, hotels and residential buildings glittering in decorative lights for the festival. Meanwhile, the crackers wholesale shops of Fancy Bazar and AT Road area are already set for Diwali and soon the city markets will be flooded with sparklers, crackers, anaar, chakri, phooljhari, rockets, earthen lamps, designer candles and floating diyas and all these items are mostly Chinese and people are much attracted towards it.

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