“Chowkidar Chor Hai” Harmful For Country


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, interacting with 25 lakh “chowkidars” as part of his new campaign ahead of next month’s national election, said the opposition’s “chowkidar chor hai” slogan is harmful for the country.

“I apologise to all chowkidars (watchmen) that some people, for their own interests, have been abusing chowkidars and saying they are chor (thief), raising questions about the dedication of chowkidars of the nation,” said PM Modi.

In a direct attack to Congress president Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi said that the opposition has not guts to name him. “Some people abusing ‘chowkidar’, bringing every watchman under cloud. They lacked guts to name me,” he said.

The prime minister is also scheduled to interact with people, who have pledged their support to the ‘Main bhi chowkidar’ (I also am a watchman) campaign, from 500 places in the country on March 31.

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