#Church Attack: Xatradhikar’s victory speech


This is the Victory speech of Dakhinpath Ashrami Xatradhikar Jandardan Dev Goswami yesterday, who led an attempt to demolish a church at Majuli proclaiming that this was the beginning against Chrstinity and Islam in Majuli.

His act has evoked sharp criticism as his name sake North Kamalabari Xatradhikar Janardan Goswami condemned the attack saying violence had no space at Majuli.


“I was at North Guwahati and there was great confusion as the act was done by my namesake from Dakhinpath Ashrami Xatra. This is very bad. We must win back the heart of Mishings” said Mr Goswami.


The incident occurred when hundreds of supporter of Hindu Jagaran Manch and Bajrang Dal along with Xatradhikar Janadarn Dev Goswami descended on Phuloni Gaon of Majuli island.


The village has a temporary church in the residential campus of Prashanta Payang. The Xatradhikar was accompanied by the supporters of Bajrang Dal and Hindu Jagaramn manch in 20 SUVs and motor cycle.


The Xatradhikar urged the Mishing community people, who had converted themselves to Christianity, to relinquish Christianity and embrace Vaishnavite Hinduism. But his followers attacked the Church and damaged it even as villagers opposed it. At that point of time Xatradhikar was present and triumphantly announced that this was beginning only.


His act has seriously jeopardized Majuli’s bid for UNESCO hesritage site as well as tourism inflow of Wsterners as Majuli has been seen as anti-Christian.

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