CII Annual Session | PM Modi says ‘Time To Stabilize Economy’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that while the country continues to fight the Covid-19 crisis, the time is to stabilize and speed up the Indian economy.

Addressing the 125th year celebrations of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) “Getting Growth Back”, Modi said that running an organization for over 100 years is an achievement in itself.

This marked the prime minister’s first major speech on the Indian economy since the announcement of Unlock-1 in the country.

The prime minister opened his address by congratulating the CII for achieving the milestone of completing 125 years.

PM Modi underscored the importance of online events in the prevailing circumstances and said that online events are becoming the “new normal in the age of Covid-19”

The prime minister expressed hope and said that “we will definitely get our growth back”.

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