AGP rants, BJP ignores

The empty rants of AGP of leaving the alliance of Citizenship Bill returned as the BJP openly defied them and took a political resolution in favour of the Act.

The resolution taken in front of a silent Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal only reaffirmed that Sonowal’s all talks and assurances were only lip services as the BJP worked full swing to get the Bill, even as the Brahmaputra valley of Assam was livid with protest.

The KMSS and Congress gave identical press conferences blasting Sonowal and BJP and also accusing AGP of fooling the ordinary people of Assam by empty rants.

The AASU, always ready to be on the right side, is expected to issue a statement or a press conference. But once again they were caught off guard and reaction was an afterthought after press conference of Akhil Gogoi and Ripun Bora.

But the last 72 hours development ensured that Citizenship bill debate is back and Assam is going to burn for next few months which can see some political realignment with the AGP. The Ago desperate for power has continued to make noises of threatening to leave the alliance but on the round they are too cozy and happy to be in the alliances.

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