Citizenship Bill goes to cold storage


The controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 has gone to cold storage and is unlikely to be revived by this government.

Although no formal announcement shall be made by the BJP, fearing Bengali backlash, but in private both BJP and its ideologue RSS have confirmed that it has been sent to cold storage and should be considered as consigned it for good.

The decision was quietly taken by the highest echelons of RSS and BJP looking at the widespread agitation in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam.

In the last two months, a series of meetings held in New Delhi among the organization’s top echelons and functionaries from Assam has reportedly convinced the leadership about the pitfalls of tabling the Bill in parliament.

This is known by the organisations and political parties who are opposed to the bill. But they have also decided to go with the momentum so that organisational strength increases and also to grab media space.

That is why both AGP and KMSS are still on the roads against the Bill, while AASU has now turned their energy to NRC.

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