‘Clause 6’, ‘Indigenous Definition’ Rock Assembly


The issue of implementation ‘Clause 6’ triggered an uproarious scene in the Assam Assembly on Monday. West Guwahati AGP MLA Ramendra Narayan Kalita asked a question that “How Assam Govt. can say that they are fully committed to protect interests of people of the state without determining the definition of ‘Indigenous Assamese’. It is doubtful that, BJP is going to implement Clause 6 ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.”

Answering the question of MLA Kalita, Minister Chandra Mohan Patowary Said that “The definitions of “Indigenous Assamese People” should be determined. We need everyone’s feedback on it. The definition of ‘Assamese indigenous people’ has not been determined till now.”

“A total of 6,26,793 cases against illegal immigrants have been filed from 1985 to 2018. Whereas, 1 lakh 8 thousand have been identified as ‘Foreigner’ while 29,859 immigrants have been deported.”

This definition is required to implement the Clause six of the Assam Accord which promises that constitutional, legislative and administrative safeguards, as may be appropriate, shall be provided to protect, preserve and promote the cultural, social and linguistic identity and heritage of the Assamese People.

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