CM Sarma Assures Improvement Of Child Care In 800 Tea Gardens Of Assam

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Wednesday addressed the media promising better and improvised Child care facilities in Tea Gardens of Assam.

The CM greeted the people on the occasion of “Poshan Maah” celebrated in the country after which he addressed on the serious issues in relation to the child care facilities in Assam tea gardens.

CM Sarma said, “Our children must not be made sick and die, we are entitled to provide them good health.”

Talking about the mortality rate of the children, CM Sarma said that the rate is higher in the tea areas, remote and inaccessible areas in our state.

He added that sometimes it’s the mother herself who remains sick most of the time, which affects the health of the child too.

CM Sarma further said that women must not be a mother before the age of 23-24 years as it might affect the health of the child as well.

“We don’t have the right to bring children to earth and let them die,” said CM Sarma.

He further assured that in the next 5 years, the environment of Anganbari Centre will be changed. Looking closely on what is happening in and around the region will help to know about how to bring a change, added CM Sarma.

“After two or three days we will have a festival at every Anganbari centre, and I will be present at 100 Anganbari Centres,” said CM Sarma.

One Anganbadi Centre in each of the 800 tea gardens in Assam will be established as the Chief Minister said.

Every Anganbari centre will have festivals like Gunotsav and 3000 schools will set up new Anganbari Centre.

‘The state government has earmarked around Rs 700 crore for the Child care facilities and establishment of Anganbari Centre in tea gardens of Assam.

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