Compensation lure makes Baghjan messy


The lure of hefty compensation for those who had lost their house and plantations in the Baghjan fire have complicated the entire process messy as hundreds of people from kilometres away from the fire have started making false demand.

According to the OIL senior officials, altogether 16 houses were completely damaged along with their plantations and while some other houses have been partially damaged.

Army setting up medical camps in the relief camps

But as of now, more than 1000 families have demanded that their houses have been damaged in various degree putting OIL in a fix.

The reason behind the whole episode is the hefty compensation that is on the way. Majority of the relief camp inmates are there in the hope of compensation packages although some of them have started returning back.

The Children in the Releif camps being given milk

The Tinsukia district administration officials are also playing safe as inflated claims of damages have hampered the compensation process delaying the whole exercise making life more miserable for those who have had the maximum damage.

As the relief materials are pouring in from all sides, the main game is about compensation as touts, dalals and influential student leaders of the area are allegedly trying to tweak the list. The Oil India limited have admitted that due to this tweaking some undeserving people will also get the compensation.

Essentials have ben distributed

Meanwhile, two relief camps have wound up yesterday as the people have returned home. At this moment eight relief camps are going on in and around the Baghjan fire.

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