Case of ‘Secession’ against Dr. Hiren Gohain


The Lataseel Police station registered a suo-moto case of Secession against Dr Hiren Gohain for his recent utterance supporting independence from India.

While protesting against the CAB recently at Guwahati, he told that if Government of India and Government of Assam do not hear the vices of the people of Assam, people of Assam will look for ‘Independence’.

This statement has caused great uproar in social media both for and against. However intelligentsia of Assam decried the police move pointing out that Dr Goswami’s statement was more of seeking attention from the Centre not propagating secession.

“This was a suicidal move by Government. We are meeting now and soon shall chalk out more protests programs against this draconian attitude of Assam Government”said Mr Haida Hussain.

“This is a sadist move by Government of Assam. This is going to have serious issue” warned Mr Akhil Gogoi, President of the KMSS.

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