Congress-AIUDF alliance will remain forever: Ajmal

All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), AIUDF chief Maulana Badaruddin Ajmal on Friday said that the alliance between Congress and his party in the State will remain forever.

Speaking to the media in Guwahati, while accompanying Ajit Kumar Bhuyan for filing the nomination papers for the third Rajya Sabha seat, Ajmal said that the alliance will continue even after the 2021 assembly polls. “Not only for 2021, our alliance will continue after that,” said the AIUDF chief.

“Ajit Bhuyan has filed the nomination being the common candidate for Congress and AIUDF. The anti-CAA protesters from Assam have come together as a family for a reason and I believe BJP won’t dare to put up any candidate for the third Rajya Sabha seat,” added Ajmal.

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