Congress and BJP in Assam in #MeToo minefield


Congress and BJP, both the major political parties of Assam are in the #MeToo minefield. Although it is an open secret how politically ambitious ladies are being sexually exploited while climbing up the ladder, but only few has opened mouth so far. But the #MeToo movement has forced open the floodgate as more and more women leaders are narrating their harrowing stories triggering panic in both the parties.

The first to open the mouth was Meera Barthakur of BJP, years ago, and for that she was punished enough by the party sidelining him in all possible way before expelling her from Citzenship Bill issue.

Now in the Congress two most visible face Juri Sarma Bardoloi and Bobeeta Sharma have also opened up their mouth and claimed that many times during their long political career they had faced sexual abuses.

This has shaken the grand old party which was notorious to use women as decorative pieces in the party.

Both the ladies without naming any one said that it was common for the party men to try sexually abuse women inside the party and they faced repeated attempt in their life.

Reacting to that former Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said that he was unaware of the whole issue but the Congress party is in a great shock.

Unfortunately Meera Barthakur is critically ill and in ICU presently. She would have exploded more had she been in better condition.


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