Congress calls for 10 hours Dima Hasao bandh today

The opposition Congress has called for 10 hours Dima Hasao bandh on Monday in protest against Government’s failure to book Debolal Garlosa under law.

Congress has alleged that Debolal Garlosa, CEM of Dima Hasao Autonomous Council was the kingpin in assassination of former CEM of the autonomous council – Purnendu Langthasa. Congress further alleged that Garlosa was also involved in assassination of Nindu Lagthasa , former executive member of the district autonomous council.

During the bandh time, all shops and business establishment, government offices , schools and colleges remained closed in the district headquarters of Haflong.

Purnendu Langthasa was son of Congress stalwart and former Assam minister Govinda Langthasa. Purnendu was assassinated by Jewel faction of DHD ( Dima Hasao Daogah ) , a militant outfit. After Purnendu’s killing , the Congress in the Dima Hasao hills district suffered series of electoral battle in the district council’s election.

After laying down arms, most of the DHD (jewel) faction leaders joined politics. Currently the Dima Hasao autonomous district council is headed by former militants.

The Congress has also demanded for dissolution of the Dima Hasao District Autonomous Council.


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