Congress calls MCC as ‘Modi Code of Conduct’


The Congress on Wednesday expressed disappointment over the Election Commission’s clean chit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his speech in Wardha, saying it has become “crystal clear” that the model code of conduct has become the “Modi Code of Conduct

The Election Commission had on Tuesday ruled that Modi’s speech in Maharashtra’s Wardha, in which he had questioned Rahul Gandhi’s decision to contest from Wayanad in Kerala, did not break the model code, which is in effect for the Lok Sabha election.

“Disappointed that the PM of India is permitted to go scot-free after rampant violation of Article 324 & MCC. It is now crystal clear that MCC has become ‘Modi Code of Conduct’!” Congress’ chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tweeted.

There cannot be two sets of laws for Prime Minister Modi and the rest of the country, he said.

“The Congress insulted Hindus and the people of the country have decided to punish the party in the election. Leaders of that party are now scared of contesting from constituencies dominated by the majority (Hindu) population. That is why they are forced to take refuge in places where the majority is a minority,” Modi had reportedly said.

The Congress had alleged that Modi had made some “hateful, vile and divisive” remarks against Gandhi.

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