Congress leader Dulu Ahmed suspended


The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee on Tuesday suspended one of its leaders in the state, Dulu Ahmed, for anti-party activities.

The frontal bodies of Assam Congress Party sought an explanation from Congress leader Dulu Ahmed, who launched a blistering attack on senior Congress leader Rakibul Hussain on Facebook.

“It is clear that he willfully defies the Rule 4 (e) under Article XIX (f) (v) of Constitution of Indian National Congress and the guideline, Circular issued by APCC prohibiting any Congressman from airing their views and comments in Print, Electronic & Social Media, which are detrimental to the Party. In this connection, the reply of the showcase issued to Dulu Ahmed is not found satisfactory and convincing,” said Ranjan Bora (General Secretary (Org), APCC) in a statement.

“As such in the interest of maintaining discipline in the party, Dulu Ahmed General Secretary APCC is placed under suspension with immediate effect until further order” he added.

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