Conspiracy against CM Sonowal from within the party


Taking opportunity of the Citizenship Amendment Bill issue in Assam, not only the opposition but members of BJP have allegedly involved themselves in conspiracy against Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal.

BJP MLA Rituparna Baruah has alleged that many from the opposition as well as their own party have been trying to defame the CM, for which financial aid too has been provided.

Speaking at an event in Tinsukia, where the CM was also present, Baruah urged the people to have faith in Sonowal. Baruah said “Our CM had discarded the IMDT Act, he has been working relentlessly to solve the migration issue since he was a student leader. But now, a serious conspiracy is being weaved against him”. “The conspiracy may be from the opposition, it may be from some members from our own party or people who have negative thoughts for Assam” he added.

Baruah also said that many people comment on the Citizenship Amendment Bill without proper knowledge.

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