Corona Safety Rules a Must For 1 Year in Kerala

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Safety protocols relating to COVID-19 have to be followed for the next one year by the people of Kerala. Putting on face masks and face covers in public is going to be mandatory. Maintaining social distancing norms is another compulsion the people of the state will be under.

Office-goers will have to wear masks at workplaces. Weddings can be attended by not more than 50 people and funerals by 20. This has been announced today by the Health and Family Welfare Department of the state.

Social gatherings, demonstrations, processions and dharnas are not allowed without written permission from authorities. Moreover, the participation in such gatherings will be limited up to 10 people. In shops and other commercial establishments, the number of people present at a time cannot exceed 20. This, of course, will depend on the size of the room, as maintenance of six feet of social distancing is compulsory.   

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