Corona Warrior: GMCH Nurse Faints On Duty

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Doctors and Nurses have been at the forefront of the fight against COVID3-19. Many of these Corona warriors have also got infected with the contagion while extending their much-needed services. Nonetheless, their services are peerless and worthy of utmost respect.

In a moving incident today, a nurse at GMCH named Trishna Patwari who is in charge of taking care of COVID-19 infected patients fainted while on duty.

 As seen in a video, the nurse who hails from Barpeta fainted, and couldn’t regain her senses for some time. She was seen wearing a PPE kit.

It has been learnt that the nurse had the PPE kit on for long hours, and this is suspected to have led to her fainting. She is learnt to have recovered later.

Her co-workers, also donning PPE kits, were seen attending to her after she fainted.

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