Country is in safe hands: PM Modi


In his first reaction after the Balakot air strike, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday praised the Indian Air Force (IAF) for attacking the Pakistan based terrors camps. He assured everyone that the country is in safe hands.

Addressing a public rally in Rajasthan, PM Modi said, “Sougandh mujhe is mitti ki, main desh nahin mitne doonga, mera vachan hai Bharat maa ko, tera sheesh jhukne nahi dunga.”

“Your prime servant has promised the soldiers to bring in OROP. And, I am happy that over 20 lakh soldiers got benefit of this. We have disbursed Rs 35,000 crore to families of retired soldiers after the implementation of OROP,” said Modi during the rally.

India conducted a pre-dawn surgical strike in Pakistan knocking off terror camps and launch pads using a squadron of Mirage and 1000 kilograms of bombs.

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