COVID-19: Aamir Khan tested negative, 7 staff members test positive


Issuing an official statement on Tuesday, Actor Aamir Khan stated seven staff members of his have been tested positive for coronavirus (COVID19).

The actor also said the staff have been ‘immediately quarantined’ in a medical facility.

Aamir Khan thanking BMC officials for their prompt response in taking care of his staff said, “Hello everyone, this is to inform you that some of my staff has tested positive. They were immediately quarantined, and BMC officials were very prompt and efficient in taking them to a medical facility. I would like to thank the BMC for taking such good care of them, and for fumigating and sterilising the entire society”.

The actor further shared, “The rest of us have all been tested and found negative. Right now I am taking my mother to get her tested. She is the last person in the loop. Please pray that she is negative.”

Aamir Khan also expressed gratitude towards the staff of Kokilaben Hospital for being “very caring and professional with the testing process”.

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